VOICE: Bay Area

Bay Area Bold builds on The San Francisco Foundation’s timely VOICE: Bay Area initiative. Over a seven-month period, CEO Fred Blackwell and the TSFF team hosted listening sessions throughout the Bay Area. More than 1,000 participants representing all sectors of the community candidly shared their day-to-day struggles, inspirations, challenges, and successes. Informed and inspired by this work, and bolstered by the compelling data from The Bay Area Equity Profile, TSFF is forging a path for its next decade of work, and that begins at Bay Area Bold.

Want to join in? #ShareYourVoice about what it means to live, work, and play in the Bay Area at bayareavoices.org.

  • "Inspired to discover a solution, I envisioned connecting overlooked community college students to business owners like my mom."

    Read Shaun's story. What’s yours?

    Shaun T, Alameda County

  • "When we have children grow up in a community where they can walk to school, we’re addressing every issue: health, safety, and building community."

    Participant, VOICE: West Contra Costa County

  • "My folks were able to raise a family of four in San Francisco on part-time art teachers' salaries. That would not be possible today."

    Read Naomi's story. What's yours?

    Naomi S, Alameda County

  • "With a H.S. education, my parents bought a house in SF and raised three children. Today, our working families are unable to reach a level of basic economic security."

    Read Sandra's story. What's yours?

    Sandra F, VOICE: San Francisco County

  • "I grew up spending time in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Redwood City. Now, I'm supporting youth in their efforts to make it a promise community."

    Read Carmela's Story. What's yours?

    Carmela M, San Mateo County